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Wikigender University aims to:

  • Actively engage students in the development of this gender equality platform
  • Bring together a range of universities to foster networking possibilities among students and academics, thereby extending the network of Wikigender users
  • Enhance opportunities for building capacity in gender research, information sharing, social networking, IT and editorial skills.

2011 Contributions

From December until June 2011, 4 students from Sciences Po contributed to a wide range of articles on the Wikigender site. Each month, they focused on a new topic. Click on the topics below to read their articles:2

Student authors

  • Lucille Gressier
  • Charlotte Lazare
  • Natalie Mitchell-Bennett
  • Inès Ayari

2010 Contributions

From January until June 2010, 4 students from Sciences Po contributed to a range of articles to the Wikigender site and edited a number of existing articles. These articles ranged in theme from gender equality and issues in health, conferences, theories and concepts, organisations, initiatives and notable gender equality advocates.

Noteworthy individuals:

Theories and concepts:

  • Feminist International Relations Theory

Social and health issues:

Organizations and initiatives:


Gender Equality and Progress in Societies

Student authors:

  • Lorène Florentin
  • Claire Spagnol
  • Peilin Bao
  • Sébastien Deniau