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SpecialFocus.png The Special Focus is on: Women and girls’ education and training.

Previously, we focused on:

Pushing for gender equality at COP20.

Call for contributors!


The World Bank Group’s Women, Business and the Law project, currently in its fourth publication cycle is seeking legal experts for pro bono participation in legal data collection. Experts are most often lawyers, academics, judges, NGOs and practitioners with expertise in family law, labor law, land law, or legislation concerning violence against women.

If you are interested in learning more and filling out legal surveys for the project, please submit a request online. Contributors are publicly recognized on the Women, Business and the Law website, and in the print report.

The Land Portal: launch of the Open Data platform

On 10 December, the Land Portal launched an innovative and collaborative Open Data platform that combines data about land issues from diverse and credible sources around the world, enabling easy data exploration, manipulation and customisation. The platform aims to become the leading online destination for information, resources, innovations and networking on land. The vision of the Land Portal is to improve land governance for the benefit of those with the most insecure land rights and the greatest vulnerability to landlessness through information and knowledge sharing. Find out more!

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Featured FAO video

Community Garden in Dangarandove, Zimbabwe: Women making a difference

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2015 call for Global Community Champions for Women’s Economic Empowerment is seeking applications from dynamic and creative women and men from all over the world to champion women’s economic empowerment. Are you passionate about gender equality and women’s economic empowerment? Do you want to apply your skills to make a difference in your own community and beyond? APPLY NOW! #GlobalCommunityChampion #EmpowerWomen #genderequality #EconomicEmpowerment


Coming up: UN Women focuses on the education and training of women

As part of their Beijing+20 Campaign, since June 2014 UN Women focuses each month on one of the 12 “Critical Areas of Concern” identified in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. In February, the focus will be on “Education and training of women”. Read more

High-Level Seminar on Gender, Law and Public Policy: Trends in the Middle East and North Africa (17-18 November 2014, Amman, Jordan)

This Seminar defined common action within the MENA-OECD Governance programme, including regional policy dialogue, country-based support and strengthening gender mainstreaming as part of governance reforms in the region. Find out more about the event and access the publication on “Women in Public Life: Gender, Law and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa”.

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What happened in January?

Check out the January media review for our latest selected news articles and blogs on gender equality issues. Read more and see the February media review, which is updated daily.


2014 Annual Report

Read the 2014 Wikigender Annual Report! Find out about our main activities and key statistics. Read more!



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