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Half of the world's population, but not with half the share of wealth, wellbeing and opportunity. And certainly, women do not get half of media attention, or an equal voice in expression - only 22 percent of the voices you hear and read in the news today are women's.

IPS-Inter Press Service gives women and their issues their fair share of voice; not by way of artificial allowance, but as arising naturally in the news of the day.

To read the independent news reporting on women and their struggle for gender equality visit the IPS Gender Wire.

The Gender Wire is part of the IIPS programme “Communicating for Change: Getting Voice, Visibility and Impact for Gender Equality”.

This initiative is one of the projects awarded by the MDG3 Fund: Investing in Equality, set up by the Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation to raise awareness about the third development goal’s priorities, which are primarily aimed at reducing violence against women, enhancing women’s economic independence and increasing participation and representation of women in politics and public administration.

Activities include an increase in the IPS news agency’s independent coverage of stories related to gender equality, op-ed columns and newsletters. But also media partnerships with other women’s organisations and MDG3 grantees committed to women’s empowerment, and the publication of capacity-building tools for journalists.

To download the Gender and Development Glossary and the other gender handbooks go to the IPS Gender Portal.

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