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Wikigender University aims to:

  • Actively engage students in the development of this gender equality platform
  • Bring together a range of universities to foster networking possibilities among students and academics, thereby extending the network of Wikigender users
  • Enhance opportunities for building capacity in gender research, information sharing, social networking, IT and editorial skills.

Sciences Po 2010 contributions

From January until June 2010, 4 students from Sciences Po contributed to a range of articles to the Wikigender site and edited a number of existing articles. These articles ranged in theme from gender equality and issues in health, conferences, theories and concepts, organisations, initiatives and notable gender equality advocates.

Student authors:

  • Lorène Florentin 
  • Claire Spagnol
  • Peilin Bao
  • Sébastien Deniau

Articles contributed:

Noteworthy individuals:
Theories and concepts:
Social and health issues:
Organizations and initiatives:
Gender and...

Sciences Po 2011 contributions

From December until June 2011, 4 students from Sciences Po contributed to a wide range of articles on the Wikigender site. Each month, they focused on a new topic. Click on the topics below to read their articles:

Author profiles

Click user profiles for information on the authors:

Author Comments on the Programme

"Writing for the Wikigender website was fulfilling in that I was able to explore a worldwide range of topics concerning women and gender. The Gender department team was very supportive and enthusiastic by explaining the site, the Social Institutions and Gender Index, how to write effectively... De plus, nous avons eu l'occasion de participer à des meetings et des screenings à l'OCDE. C'est une opportunité pour satisfaire les plus curieux d'entre nous".
Charlotte Lazare

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