The Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women

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The Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women (SKSW Campaign) was launched in 2007 to end the misuse of religion and culture to justify killing, mutilation and torture of women. 


The Campaign does not oppose any culture, religion or faith. However, the crimes of mutilating, torturing and killing women are often based on legitimized cultural and religious systems. What the campaign wishes to oppose is systems that either promote or mitigate issues of violence and discrimination against women and girls. 

As for its origin, The Campaign stems from countries like Iran, Nigeria, Indonesia and Pakistan, where issues of stoning, whippings, female genital mutilation and honor killings have drawn much attention. The Campaign stretches over a wide realm of cultural and religious diversity and is alerted by a variety of troubling issues like outlawing abortion in Nicaragua in 2006 to President Karzai of Pakistan signing the Shia Family Code, legalizing marital rape in 2009.


The underlying factor to all the different cases that engage The Campaign in its extensive struggle is every woman's right to control her own body and make her own choices; No women shall be denied her fundamental human right because of a cultural or religious authority. The Campaign's fundamental argument is that no culture or religion has the right to threaten, harm, torture or execute a women because she is exercising her human rights.


  • Exposing and confronting all forms and manifestations of CVAW wherever and whenever they occur.
  • Rejecting those ‘cultural’ and ‘religious’ justifications which condone impunity and minimize the severity of crimes committed against women and girls.
  • Supporting the demand for justice on behalf of victims and survivors of CVAW through advocacy and campaigning and building of partnerships with the women’s movements and other sectors of civil societies in support of their causes.
  • Raising awareness on gender-based discrimination as the root cause of CVAW and promoting initiatives toward women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Strategy and Activities

1. Establish the SKSW Campaign presence at the national and local levels.

SKSW has joined forces and has established a network of ‘sister campaigns’ in Indonesia including in Aceh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan and Iran who are at the forefront of raising the visibility of CVAW as a human rights concern through their campaigning.

2. Engage with the UN human rights system.

Positive developments in the United Nations facilitates the process of pressuring for State responsibility. 

3. Forge partnerships with all progressive individuals and forces who believe and share SKSW vision of gender equality and women’s empowerment based on fundamental human rights principles.

4. Secure effective action to stop CVAW at the community level by engaging with local authorities and members of the communities.

It is imperative to inform the community in order to achieve positive change and clarify that gender-based violence cannot be justified in the name of culture or religion. 

5. Respond, intervene and act on behalf of the individuals or groups of individuals who have been violated or to prevent such violations to take place against those at risk through our rapid response system.


  1. The global campaign to stop violence against women in the name of 'culture'

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