Special Focus - Saudi women acquire the right to vote in 2015 elections

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Addressing the opening session of the annual Majlis Al-Shura (Consultative Council) meeting, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah announced on September 25 2011, that women will for the first time have the right to vote in the third municipal elections due in 2015. He also announced that women will be appointed to the Council beginning in the next session. Since Saudi Arabia held its first municipal elections in 2005, Women have been working hard to gain their right to be a part of them, so this groundbreaking decision finally granting them their first political rights is considered as a historic precedent in recognising women’s role in society and politics. This event has been widely covered by both local and international press. Some consider this as a slow progress in women’s rights but others see this as a positive and important step in Saudi women’s empowerment. Learn more about this in the special focus and add more articles!

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