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The High Authority for the Fight against Discrimination and for Equality (La HALDE, in French: La Haute Autorité de Lutte contre les Discriminations et pour l’Égalité) is a French independent administrative authority created by law on 30 December 2004.

Areas of work

Fighting against all discriminations

The HALDE helps anyone to identify discriminatory practices and to fight them. It advises in all the judicial arrangements, and contributes to establish evidence for discrimination. It has investigatory powers to instruct files, and can demand documents and evidence which the victim could not obtain. It can also hear witnesses.

The HALDE helps to find an adapted response:

  • by acting as a mediator in order to find an agreement in case of serious discrimination
  • by obtaining a compensation
  • by offering a fine to the person who has discriminated and by starting a trial in the event of the fine not being paid
  • by publicising a specific discrimination

The HALDE gives advice and recommandations to the French government, the Parliament and to public authorities, in order to fight against discriminations and improve laws in the area of discrimination.

Promoting equality

The HALDE promotes equal opportunities. It performs actions of raising awareness and training in order to change mindsets and attitudes. It identifies and disseminates the good experiences in fighting discriminations, and delivers annual reports to the French President, to the First Minister and to the Parliament. It also performs big raising-awareness campaigns with the public.

Deliberations (in French)

Délibération n°2011-66 du 7 mars 2011

Sexe - Education - Emploi – Retraite – Recommandations au Gouvernement et aux acteurs de l’éducation et de l’emploi
La haute autorité formule des recommandations à l’égard du gouvernement et des différents acteurs susceptibles de contribuer à l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes dans l’accès à l’éducation, dans l’emploi et la retraite.

Who can contact the HALDE?

  • Anyone who believes himself or herself to have been a victim of discrimination can appeal to the HALDE, either independently, through a member of the National Assembly, through a senator or through a French EMP; the HALDE can then take pursue cases of discrimination itself, with the agreement of the alleged victim;
  • Also, any group (that is at least 5 years old) whose charter aims to "fight discrimination or to help victims of discrimination" can accompany the case of an individual who believes to have been a victim of discrimination, if this individual wants this.


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