Gender difference and shopping 'must-haves'

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According to research carried out by market-research specialists, BIGresearch, women and men have different priorities
when it comes to retail purchases, especially pronounced during periods of financial crisis.

Their research focused on what was 'untouchable' and what was 'expendable'. Over 1000 people of both genders and from different age groups took part in the research (in the United States).


Common priorities between men and women

An overwhelming majority believe that internet (80.9%) and cell/mobile phone service (64.1%) are simply off limits. Shoppers also said that cable television (60.5%), discount shopping for apparel (43.0%), hair cuts and colors (40.0%), eating at fast-food restaurants (36.6%) and a new pair of shoes (24.0%) were on their list of untouchables. In short, products linked with communications were top of the list of items considered 'expendable'.

Attitudes towards female expenses

Differences between men and women

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