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Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA) is an American organization, based in Georgia, and is focused on the needs, issues and
concerns of gender variant people in human society.  GEA seeks to educate and advocate for all human beings who suffer from gender-based oppression in one of its many forms. GEA is the successor organization for American Educational Gender Information Service (AEGIS), which was founded in September, 1990 by Dallas Denny to address the problem of lack of credible information about transsexual and transgender issues.


GEA are committed to the civil rights, health and well-being of all members of the diverse community of human beings. GEO are dedicated to providing an array of information services, educational materials, advocacy training and technical assistance of the highest quality to all suffering from gender-related discrimination or oppression.

GEA pledge compassionate support and passionate advocacy on behalf of transsexual and transgendered persons in their journeys toward health of body and mind and in their pursuit of personal freedom, including the freedom to alter their bodies and change their gender roles.


GEA practice "distributed gender education": distributing materials to activists, scholars and educators on transexual and transgender issues.  Among their key issues and activities are: Day of Remembrance (20 November) to commemorate victims of transgender and transsexual discrimination and violence; a publishing house which publishes and distributes educational materials; research and publication on medical advisories and alerts; and issued position statements.


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