Event:Empowering adolescent girls by tackling social norms

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Empowering adolescent girls by tackling social norms
Select date 26/04/2013
Select a city London
Country United Kingdom
Summary Expert workshop on empowering adolescent girls



This expert workshop on ‘Empowering adolescent girls by tackling social norms’ took place on 26 April 2013 in London. Organised by the UK Department for International Development, OECD Development Centre, Overseas Development Institute and Girl Hub, the objectives of the workshop were to share learning on the topic of social norms, social institutions and adolescent girls by exploring concepts and definitions, measurement approaches and programme and policy responses. The workshop brought together approximately forty experts, practitioners, academics and policymakers representing a range of thematic areas.

Online Discussion

In the lead up to the workshop, Wikigender (a global web 2.0 platform on gender equality) and Wikichild (a global web 2.0 platform on child well-being issues), jointly organised an online discussion on the topic from 2-11 April 2013.

Participants were invited to reflect on how social norms shape the lives of adolescent girls and which interventions are effective changing discriminatory social norms and practices. Shortened link: http://bit.ly/X4SWmw; Twitter: #AdolescentGirls

Presentations from the event

Adolescent girls, social norms and social institutions: What do we mean? What do we know?

Caroline Harper, Overseas Development Institute

Somali Cerise, OECD Development Centre

Lori Heise, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

How do policies and programmes tackle social norms to empower adolescent girls? What is working?

Themes of Wikigender online discussion: Estelle Loiseau

Simon Narbeth, Social Development Adviser, DFID Sudan

• Ellen Wratten, Girl Hub

Michael O’Donnell, Plan UK

The way forward for social norms and adolescent girls: post-2015 development agenda and beyond

Emily Esplen, Womankind Worldwide

• Emma Samman, Overseas Development Institute and World Bank consultant

Shared reports

Group Discussions

The technical workshop covered a range of issues: concepts, definitions, debates and analytical frameworks for social norms and institutions – particularly those that constrain and/or advance girls’ empowerment – while seeking greater clarity for effective programming and measurement.

Participants considered programming examples, opportunities and challenges and then how this relates to the Post 2015 framework. Below is a summary of the group discussions per table (participants were grouped by table). Access the summary in PDF here.

The question was : What challenges and opportunities have you experienced in programming, catalysing and measuring the impact of social norms?

Table 1



Table 2


Table 3

Challenges /opportunities in programming

Need to link with other actors eg. KMG in Ethiopia; Learning at theoretical / operational levels

End goal needs to be shifting power relations not individual changes (ie. Gender equality not just one social norm)

Measuring social norms and change

Table 4




Table 5

Do we know what combination of factors need to be in place to shift the norm and sustain the change?

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