Coalition for Grassroots Women Organization (COGWO)

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COGWO is an umbrella organization composed of 30 local women’s NGOs, drawn from different clans in Somalia. It was
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established in 1996 with the intention of protecting the human rights of Somali women, which had been severely undermined after the breakdown of the Somali government and the war that followed. The coalition’s headquarter is located in Mogadishu. Member organizations operate in different regions of Somalia such as Banadir, Middle Shabelle, lower Jubba, Hiran, Galgadud, Bay and Bakool.

Areas of Intervention

The coalition members work in different social areas like education, agriculture, relief, HIV awareness, peacebuilding programmes; capacity building, health care, development, child care and psychosocial support.


Empowered Somali women in the socio-economic and political context living in an environment free of violence.


COGWO, a network for grassroots women organizations, works for the social, political and economic empowerment of Somali women through peace promotion, women rights, capacity building and information sharing & networking.


The goal of the Coalition is to lay down the foundation for an effective women rights movement recognized locally and internationally which is able to lobby and advocate women rights issues.


COGWO is a member of the following regional organizations:


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