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The Afghan Women's Association International (AWAI) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization formed in 1992 for the purpose of establishing and defending the basic rights of Afghan women. AWAI's members are women residing in Afghanistan, Europe, Pakistan and the United States.
AWAI is based out of Fremont, USA


AWAI struggles for women's rights by working in the social and political arenas, with focus on provision for food, shelter, healthcare, economic development and education for Afghan women in Afghanistan and in the refugee camps based in Pakistan. In the United States, AWAI has developed social service projects for older refugee women, for at-risk Afghan youth and for Afghan Families.

Among other projects, AWAI has started a project to help widows and their families now living in Pakistan through a sponsorship program. Sponsors help families improve their financial, educational and emotional situations by providing much needed funds and resources as well as encouragement to the families. Among its long term goals, AWAI aims at social and political enfranchisement of women.


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